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Engage the Guidance of the Blue Collar Scholar

Chronic Organizational Issues
Rapid Diagnostic
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Diagnostic Approach
Choosing a Remedy
Maintaining Organizational Health
Change Management Expertise
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What makes PRO/Axios different?

  • Our diagnostic method is efficient, effective, leading directly to action
  • Most importantly, we focus at the organizational level, not the employee level
  • We analyze the six areas concurrently because we understand the value of organizational time and energy
  • We directly address the chronic and acute organizational issues in your culture
  • We teach your organization the skills to follow through on initiatives
  • We use an approach based in organizational science

Diagnostic Approach

What we evaluate:

  • Cohesion: How do organizational team members work together? 
  • Clarity: How do team members understand their part in the mission?
  • How effective is your organizational communications?
  • Consequences: Is there a sense of Organizational Accountability?
  • Courage: How does the organization persist in the face of challenges?
  • Confidence in Leadership: Perceptions of leader efficacy – how effective are your leaders?


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