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Jim's presentations earn high ratings. Below is a typical ratings scorecard.

Lessons in Managing Change Workshop - Featuring Dr. James Bohn

CNG Chicago Chapter Programs Committee


Evaluation Questions


Please rate the Relevance of Topics Discussed (1=Poor, 7=Excellent) 6.83
Please rate the Quality of Content (1=Poor, 7=Excellent) 6.83
Please rate the Quality of Program Speaker (1=Poor, 7=Excellent) 6.83
Please rate the Facilitation and Management of the Program (1=Poor, 7=Excellent 7.00
Please rate the Overall Value and Usefulness of the Program (1=Poor, 7=Excellent) 6.57
Will you be able to apply strategies from this program in your work environment? Yes
Would you recommend this program to others? Yes
What were the most useful parts or aspects of the program?
  • A new look at change management from a different point of view!  
  • Loved the live polling & questions!  
  • Great speaker. Very lively and interactive. He kept what could have been a complex topic simple.
  • One of the best ever! Running a small biz, I'm dealing with change management every day.  
What suggestions for improvement do you have?
  • Loved it!
  • More speakers like this.




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