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Architects of Change

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Many companies try to effect needed changes in the organization, but few of them succeed. Even though the changes are implemented, many companies slide back into their old, familiar habits ... losing the investments made to achieve change and often losing valuable market share.

Ultimately, executives need a blueprint to become effective Architects of Change. Architects:

  • have a vision for the structure
  • design the structure
  • manage the labor for the structure
  • work diligently to make sure the structure is completed
  • ensure the structure achieves the desired results

There is a need for executives to master and use specific change skills to ensure an ROI in both financial and human terms. That’s what this book is all about. This is the heart of change sponsorship – the efforts leadership must take to make the change part of organizational DNA. 

This is not a book about change tools or techniques – it is a call to leaders to use their leadership to ensure their organization achieves what it set out to do. 

Why You Should Read This Book

If you’re going to be held accountable for the effectiveness of a major organizational initiative, you need some practical tools. As a leader, you know change is the given, and you want to do it right.

Here is a fast-read, how-to manual to help you effectively finish the initiatives you undertake in your organization.

  1. Read this book to discover gaps in your knowledge as you begin a change.
  2. Read this book to find the weaknesses your organization will face during change.
  3. Read this book with your executive team to build their skills.
  4. Read this book to help you anticipate and address employee resistance to change.
  5. Read this book to help your company more quickly reduce the organizational stress caused by change.
  6. Read this book to raise questions with your change management team.

Dr. Bohn’s book provides a very practical assessment of what it really takes to lead successful change within an organization for those in executive roles – highly recommended for senior leaders.

    A must read for Company Execs who are leading and/or involved in change initiatives. This book provides the needed tools to influence change and keep your company out of the 'valley of despair.'      

It’s not enough to create the burning platform for change—leaders have to create a culture that’s ready for change. Jim Bohn provides a very practical approach to fostering the kind of culture that embraces new ways of doing things.


 Kerry J. Brunner Vice-President, Total Rewards, Ministry Health Care

Dave Hamilton, Regional Vice President, Regis Corporation Charles Hughes, Director, Field Service, Walgreen Co. 

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